26 days until Christmas

Happy Christmas radio

Were you planning a Christmas party at home, the office or even the whole town and you forgot all about the music? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just tune into Happy Christmas radio and enjoy all the music. We handpicked the most beautiful Christmas songs for you. Merry Christmas!

Not having a party? Turn on Happy Christmas radio close to your Christmas tree, and bring in the real Christmas feeling.

Christmas tree tradition

Once there was Albert, a German prince
Whom was inspired by a Egyptian tradition and followed since
Brought a tree to his wife Victoria the queen
A Christmas tree as no one ever had seen
With decorations and candles, they trimmed there tree
That filled many harts with joy and glee
Visitors came from far and near
All looking at the tree and bursting in cheer
So while trimming your tree in the living room corner
Thank Albert, the early Christmas performer

Christmas facts

Coca-Cola played a part in Santa's image.
Before Coca-Cola got in on it, Santa used to look a lot less jolly — even spooky. It wasn't until 1931, when the beverage company hired an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom for magazine ads that we got the jolly old elf.

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